Boat Insurance :

The boats are insured for all risks guaranteeing the tenant of the damage he could commit. For example, on the body of the boat, its accessories and dependencies. Also, total theft and embezzlement, partial and motor theft. The tenant nevertheless remains his own insurer up to the amount of the damage waiver.

Deposit :

The Deposit constitutes a guarantee which is used to cover the insurance deductible when the possible losses of elements generally not included in the insurance of the lessor or the deterioration of the equipment such as the annex and the outboard motor. It must be left on boarding and will be unlocked if the boat has not suffered any damage. In the event of a claim taken into account by the insurance company, the deposit is the maximum amount that will remain payable by you. The amount of the deposit is indicated on our quotes and rental contracts.

Damage waiver :

In order to limit the risk, you can take out excess insurance with our partner.

Logo Assurance

The Franchise guarantee applies to material damage caused to the boat following a "sea event", during navigation managed as a responsible person. "Sea incident" is defined as a characterized accident resulting either from shocks external to the ship, with a fixed or moving body, or from fire or explosion or natural force of exceptional and unforeseeable intensity, affecting the ship. This "sea event", under penalty of forfeiture, must have been mentioned in the logbook, confirmed when the vessel is returned by a written declaration to the lessor, and to OUEST ASSURANCES within a maximum period of 10 days following the end of the rental.

Cancellation Insurance :

You have the option of taking out cancellation insurance with our partner.

Individual Insurance :

For civil protection, you can take out individual insurance for all passengers with our partner.