Rental management

Buying a catamaran and starting a leasing management is possible with Corse Catamarans from Ajaccio and Propriano! Being an owner is a heavy investment with all the constraints relating to the acquisition of a ship: Maintenance, insurance, port space...

The boat is managed for a year or for periods determined in advance. You benefit from a berth (Ajaccio or Propriano) and you can use your boat when it is not rented. 

These are all bending financial charges that are often unpredictable and unpleasant in the event of damage. Rental management includes port costs, boat maintenance, wintering and insurance. 

This allows you to sail at low cost, maintain your catamaran and to always be ready to sail!

We offer management plans on monohulls, contact us! 

Why trust Corsica Catamarans?

  • Transparency with access to online planning and a boat connected in real time.
  • Tranquility with a place reserved for the year, maintenance as well as maintenance, a boat ready to sail, cleaning, diving and wintering.
  • The security with a boat at dock, a weekly scheduled monitoring, a check in and check out dematerialised at each exit of the boat, the taking of security for any rental by credit card (up to the amount of the deductible of the insurance of the boat).
  • The income with a good rental return, an insured rental income, annual maintenance... we manage to cover the costs to the tune of 80% of your expenses.

How does the rental management program work?

Entrusting us with the operation of your multihull means guaranteeing you a share of the rental revenues and especially a reduction of the costs of operation and maintenance.

Each year you decide when to use your boat. When you arrive, your boat is waiting for you at the marina, ready to sail.

When it is not rented, your multihull is in its place, docked maintained by the team of Corsica Catamarans who also takes care of its wintering.

Your project is not yet completed?

We can help you find your boat, new or used, and accompany you from the training to the purchase of your boat.

Purchase with a purchase option  with one of Corse Catamarans' financial partners or an organisation of your choice.

We can assist you in putting together your file with a detailed forecast of your boat at market price.

Together we will sign your management/leasing contract for a minimum period of one year.

Your multihull will be delivered equipped to you at one of our operating bases in Corsica.